Welcome to Ranipura Church

Welcome to Our Lady The Queen Of the Universe Church, Ranipura. Ranipura is located in Munnur village, 14 Kms to the south of Mangalore City. The parish is situated in the Diocese of Mangalore. Ranipura is a name which means- "Place of a Queen" (i.e. Rani- Queen and Pura- Place).

The place is surrounded by beautiful hills, valleys, rivers & Arabian Sea. People of various religions such as Hindu, Muslims & Christians live in harmony. The place is also surrounded by various professional educational institutes such as a Medical, Nursing and Dental Colleges. The Carmalits parishfeastn spiritual and Retreat Centre well known as "RYSHIVANA" is situated near to the Ranipura Church.

As on today the Parish has 18 wards & 460 approx. families and 2890 Parishioners under the patronage of Our Lady Queen of the Universe.


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