Parish history

Ranipura parish was a part of Paneer parish. Paneer Parish was one of the oldest three churches of Diocese, Church of the Holy Rosary at Bolar, the other two being Our Lady of Mercy of Ullal (Paneer) and of  St. Francis of Assisi at Farangipet. Ranipura uliya (previously known as Somanatha Uliya) and Gattikudru people for their religious, social and spiritual requirements planned to build a new parish. Present Paneer parish was nearly 5 to 6 Kms away from the Ranipura Uliya and GattiKudru people. They requested Bishop Victor Rosario Fernandez for a separate parish. He asked the people to show a suitable place for the church. With the help of the Paneer Parish priest they formulated one committee and they chose Kuthar Padav as the place for the church. Committee planned to purchase a land from Mr. Reymond Coloco who owned 19.25 Acres land near Kuthar Padav Junction. On their request he agreed to donate 2 Acres of land to the church and committee started to collect money from the local donors. Due to brief illness of Mr. Reymond Coloco, committee should expedite the land purchasing procedures. Due to unavailability of Bishop Victor Rosario (Rome visit), Committee along with Paneer Parish Priest Fr. Gasper Louis & Permannur Parish Priest Fr. Albert Dsa, met Vicar General. Vicar General gave his recommendation to purchase the land from Mr. Reymond Coloco on 30/09/1947. On the confirmation of Vicar General the above land was purchased for Rs. 3450 and Rs. 1000 was donated by Mr. Eprehem Kudwa from GattiKudru. Remaining money was collected from the local donors.

In the meantime, Bishop Victor Rosario returned from the Rome visit. And he inspected the above purchased land for the church construction. He objected for the land because the land was not the center place for the Gattikudru and Ranipura Uliya People. This made many people very miserable. This time Fr. Gasper Louis was not well and he was taken to the Bombay hospital for his treatment, unfortunately he died in Bombay. Before his death he asked his brother to transfer the purchased land in Bishop Victor Rosario’s name. After the demise of Bishop Victor Rosario Fernandez, Dr. Basil Salvador Thedore Peres was appointed as a new bishop for Mangalore. Once again Ranipura Uliya people and others requested for a new parish with Bishop Basil Salvador Thedore Peres, this time Bishop gave permission to build a new parish (church) and he handed over the land on 13/02/1956 which was purchased before. St. Antony 1 & St. Antony 2 wards were separated from Paneer parish and on 15/05/1956, “Our Lady The Queen Of The Universe” separate parish came into existence near Kuthar Padav. Fr. Albert Dsa was appointed first parish priest for the Ranipura Parish and “Our Lady the Queen of the Universe” was recommended as a Patron and Pius X recommended as an Assistant Patron for the parish.

During those early days there was no proper home for Parish priest, Mr. Sebestian furnished his house for the priest to stay. Due to brief illness of parish priest Fr. Albert Dsa, he requested for a transfer from the Ranipura parish. After his transfer, Our Lady Queen of the Universe blessed the church with a strong and energetic priest Rev. Fr. G. B Pinto who was transferred from the Madyanthar parish to Ranipura parish on 11/05/1959. He was welcomed in a procession with a band from the bank of Nethravathi River to the church. Since that day the history of Ranipura has been changed. The parish priest was gentle, kind and known for his determination, who helped the needy selflessly regardless of people of different faith and religion. He shared in suffering and walked any distance bare-foot even in hot sun, in order to treat ailing parishioners and others. He lived in critical poverty, thereby strived for up-lifting the status of parishioners economically and socially. Till date all the parishioners devoting him with honor & respect & hence he was called” RANIPURA SHILPI”

Mr. L. A Lobo and his sister- in - law Smt. Delphin Dsouza and her Children donated 1 Acre of land for Church and registered on 06/10/1959. The land was found suitable for the church construction. On 03/02/1960 the first church feast was celebrated and all the expenses were collected from the local donors. All masses were taken place in temporary building. Once again people asked permission with a bishop for a permanent church building. Bishop happily granted permission for a new church building. On 14/08/1962 at 11a.m foundation stone laid for a new church by Bishop Reymond D’Mello with a presence of 7 priest and thousands of Parishioners. Bishop offer his helping hand for new church building and donated Rs. 3500. With recommendation from a newly appointed Bishop Dr. Basil S. D Souza money was collected from foreign countries in 1967 from Rome Rs. 37,750 received as a donation. Without proper finishing and after installation of roof tiles Bishop granted a permission to celebrate a first holy mass on 26/12/1969. But there was no proper road or easy access for the building, with help of the local’s road was made. Smt. Emiliyana (W/o Late L. A Lobo) on their Jubilee they donated Rs. 3500 for the electrical works. The church was inaugurated by Mangalore Diocese Vicar General Monsijor William Louis.

During this time Ranipura higher primary school was relocated from Ranipura Uliya to Ranipura church premises, due to the relocation, children got admitted to school in large numbers. The school building was not sufficient for children. In 1969, the Bishop of Mangalore received contribution of Rs.10,896 from Paris, Rs. 1000 from America and Rs 1000 from Mangalore diocese for the expansion of school building. The Priest house was given to the Bethani Nuns for their living purpose so there was a necessity to build a new house for the Priest and the foundation stone was laid by Bishop of Mangalore on 03/09/1973. The cost of the house was estimated Rs. 22,000/-. The new house was blessed on 18/05/1975 by Fr. Valerian Rodrigues (Permannur Asst. Parish priest). The construction of church building was started in 1962. The work of the alter, portico & floor tiles were delayed due to financial crises. The new church building inaugural ceremony was fixed on 20/04/1977. For this memorable occasion retired Arch. Bishop Dr. Albert Dsouza from Kolkota, 60 Priest, Nuns and thousands of Devotees were present and they made the event a grand success. The main alter was blessed on 03/09/1977 by the Bishop of Mangalore on his unofficial visit. On the church inaugural day parishioners arranged many entertaining activities for the crowd. Ranipura Welfare Society was established on that day. This society’s main aim was to help the poor people of the surrounding 5 villages. The Society was established with help of West Germany society “MISEREYOR” & Holand society “SEBEMO”. The Ranipura Welfare Society inaugural ceremony was done by Ujjire Priest Eliyas Dias & Mr. Rukmaya Poojary. Ranipura welfare Society stretched its helping hand to many people. The new Ranipura Welfare society building was built near to the church building with total expenses of Rs. 79000 and inaugurated on 31/01/1983.

Ranipura is a name which means – “Place of a Queen” (i.e. Rani- Queen and Pura- Place). This name was given by Fr G.B Pinto and the church is dedicated to “Our Lady Queen of the Universe”. The place is surrounded by beautiful hills, valleys, rivers & Arabian Sea. People of various religions such as Hindu, Muslims & Christians live in harmony. Fr. G.B Pinto was called “RANIPURA SHILPI” He reached the heart of Ranipura parishioners and not even Christians other religious people also liked his simplicity. After long & fruitful 26 years of service on 27/04/1985 he retired from his service. Fr. Francis Seraao succeeded Fr. G. B Pinto dated 27/04/1985. He trained CLC & CYM about the leadership. During his tenure he had rendered his selfless service up to 31/05/1988 to the parish.

After retirement of Rev. Fr. Francis Serrao, Rev. Fr. Edwin Pinto was assigned to Ranipura Parish dated 01/06/1988, in his short tenure of service Ranipura parish witnessed many developments. On 1988 Ranipura parish organized Marian year conclusion procession taken from Kuthar Padav junction to Ranipura church. More than 7000 devotees from Cascia, Bajal, Permannur, Paneer, Karadi, Pajeer, Ammembol & Olavina Halli parish devotees actively participated in this procession.

On 24/05/1989 Rev. Fr. Edwin Pinto was replaced by Rev. Fr. John Mendonca who made some improvements. June 12th 1989 considered as a very painful day for the Ranipura Parishioners because the sad demise of Fr. G.B. Pinto, thus ending an era of a great legend. His last rituals took place in Ranipura church.

On 15/08/1993 Fr. John Mendonca was sent to Rome for his higher studies and Vicar General took responsibilities of Ranipura Parish. Temporarily Rev. Joe Mary Shenoy was appointed as a Parish priest of Ranipura parish and the parish priest tried to sustain the faith, especially inspiring children & adults to actively take part in liturgical services. After the transfer of Rev. Fr. Joe Shenoy, very young and energetic Fr. Henry Sequeira took charge as a parish priest on 22/04/1995. With his dynamic personality, knowledge and experience, in his tenure Ranipura parish witnessed much development. Especially he encouraged the youth of Ranipura Parish. He organized for the first time NSS camp in Ranipura premises and nearly 50 girls were participated in this camp. Under his guidance and support Ranipura ICYM celebrated their 25th Silver Jubilee in Town Hall. On this occasion Melwin Peris nite was played.

Fr. Henry Sequeira transferred on 29/05/1996 and Fr. John Noronha took charge on 30/05/1996, during his tenure parish witnessed many development and belfry tower erected by his tenure and bell was donated by Mr. Ronald Fernadees. On 25/05/2003 Fr. John Noronha transferred to Kalyanpur church. Since 2003 Ranipura Church has not seen much progress except maintaining the church. It was with Fr. Antony Pinto under his dynamic leadership, Ranipura Church saw much progress. He was appointed as a parish priest in 24/05/2003. He repaired Priest house, Catechism instead of Sunday he made it on Saturday and distributed liturgy for the Sunday mass among the wards. He set up a Choir sodality for the parish. With the help of sponsor, church received a new sound system, chairs, lights and choir books. Nativity feast was grandly celebrated. Ranipura welfare society building expansion was done more than 3 lakhs was spent on this project. Church maintenance work was done. With the help of a local donor Mr. Ronald D’souza, main alter was renewed and also the floor for the church polished with help of a local donor. The newly erected tabernacle and beautified church was blessed on 01/05/2004. On this day all former served Ranipura Parish priest were present. On 15/05/2004 Fr. Antony was sent to Rome for his higher studies and Fr. Valerian Menezes Succeeded Fr. Antony Pinto. Being a dynamic personality and due to his vast knowledge and experience having worked in various parishes, besides working for the spiritual development of the parishioners, he also beautified the church and the church compound. The entire compound wall was well built under his leader ship.

The church celebrated the Golden Jubilee on 18/05/2006 under the leader ship of Fr. Valerian Menezes... Read More