Ranipura Church

Vice President Message

--- NEW STEPS ---

Dear brothers and sisters

Greetings on the feast of Resurrection of Lord Jesus. We are living in the 21st in no time. Mass media is very much in advance and because of this everything that happens or takes place in any corner of the world is known to the people within few minutes. There is nothing that we donít find in the internet. Mobile Revolution also has brought special changes in our lives. Thousands of people make use of the Twitter, Facebook, Whatís up etc...

A Souvenir called "Ranipuracho Bangralo Naman" was brought out during the golden jubilee of the parish. After that every year three Parish bulletin called "Ranipuracho Naman" are brought out during the year. This helps the people to focus on good relationship among the parish & parishioners, to know the current events of the parish and to bring out their talents. But the parishioners who are working abroad are unaware of parish activities. So the youth of the parish, who were abroad, have expressed their desire to open a website of the parish. I found this idea good, hence our youth who work abroad will be opening a website of the parish. May GOD bless them for their goodness and generosity. May GODís choicest blessings be on them and their families.

Through this website our parishioners can post their events like greetings for birthdays, marriage, christening, First Holy Communion, Jubilee or homage. And you can view or download parish bulletin "Ranipuracho Naman". Please co-operate with us. You are welcome to share your opinions and we request you to send your articles, poems, quotes, drawings and advertisements to our website.

So as we walk with our new steps let light shine upon newness. This is our Wish.

Vice President
Parish Pastoral Council